Am Rai and I am very unoriginal.

I use this website as a repo for my art n stuff and I also offer some API services, they're mostly used by my bots, but can be used by others aswell.

also pls join https://discord.gg/x3

Projects n Stuff

Some scrunkly stuff I've made in the past yesyes


General purpose bot for Discord. Helps server moderators manage their server, and regular users to have fun with several commands. Mainly targeted to the furry fandom,
however can be used by anyone
[Use it here]

Rai Shimeji

A Shimeji of my fursona. I did not code this, only drew the sprites of my fursona. To run this, download the file and open either Shimeji-ee.exe or Shimeji-ee.jar (if you have Java installed)
[Get it here]

Discord TimeStamp Generator

A simple tool that can be used to create TimeStamps on Discord, simply by inputting a date and the type of TimeStamp, can be accessed without downloading.
[Use it here]

Other stuff

Rest of my public available projects can be found on my github page at https://github.com/Ra_iners/

Commissions n Gifts

I've spent way too much on this...

Site-██My main Discord server where I usually talk in. Mainly focused around SCP & the furry fandom

 (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡