Discord bot for furries, by furries

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Featuring several commands to just have fun,
from getting random posts from reddit, to searching
urban dictionary, this bot has a lot!


Several commands to help server administrator and moderators
to moderate their server, simple to use and effective, ranging from
banning users, to locking down channels. We have a lot for moderation!


Proto utilizes new Discord features like Slash Commands and buttons.
For moderation, the mute command uses the new timeout feature,
letting you set custom times, unlike a normal user can
(if you have had the bot in your server for a while and do
not see slash commands, please re-invite it and they should appear)

Image Manipulation 

The bot features several fun commands for image
manipulation as well, from blurring an image,
to deep-frying, or to creating gifs, there are a lot of 
commands for images!
a few of image related commands may require voting
on, due to the processing power required to
generate images

Main Bot Developer

Bot Avatar Artist