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About Me~

Ello, I'm Rai (pronounced ray) I'm a 16 year-old dumbass furry who just does shit on the internet.

I sometimes code shit in C#, you can see the stuff I do on GitHub, the project I'm currently working the most on is my Discord bot "Proto", which at the time of writing is in 908 guilds.

This website is just so people could have quick info about me, and also for me to store my public projects here so others can access them as well. This place also hosts the API for several features of my Discord bot, the API is fully public and can be accessed and used by anyone here  


Here are a few of my socials on where you could follow me on


Welcome Site-██! SCP Themed Community server with active members & active staff. (Secretly SCP-3312's Containment)

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Downloads n stuff

Some projects I've been workin' on

Rai Shimeji

A Shimeji of my fursona. I did not code this, only drew the sprites of my fursona. To run this, download the file and open either Shimeji-ee.exe or Shimeji-ee.jar (if you have  Java installed)


Discord TimeStamp Generator

A simple tool I made that can be used to create relative TimeStamps on Discord. Simply by inputting a date and the type of TimeStamp, can be accessed without downloading.

 Go To

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Commissions & Gifts 


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If for whatever reason you need to contact me (to discuss something, or just have a casual conversation (pls don't I have anxiety)), you may contact me on Discord. However, if you are going to send me a friend request there is a very high chance that it won't be accepted since I get a bunch of friend requests daily from random people. My DM's are on from mutual servers, so you may just join my Discord Server instead. 

If you do not have Discord or like to contact me elsewhere, you may also contact me at Twitter or Reddit